Where to look for a lost indoor cat ?

Where to look for a lost indoor cat can be a daunting task, mostly when the cat has been missing for a while. No cat owner loves to go...
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Improve your brain power : we help you to gain better skills

Brain is the best tool we have, so we have to train it everyday. Here at What you must know, we will help you, by giving you some advice, to make your brain work, and then improve its power. How can you do that ? Improve your brain power : it’s important to do something new

News things help you to stimulate your brain. In this way, you have to avoid routine, and focus on doing new stuffs. Try a new recipe, take another route to go to work for example, or watch a movie you’ve never seen. This can really help you to improve your brain powers !

Improve your brain power : train your memory skills

Train your memory skill is really important. You will then improve your brain power, but you can also avoid, in the future, some illness like Alzheimer’s. How can you train your memory ? There’s a lot of gain than can help you : Sudoku for example, or a game called “Majong”. You can also learn by heart you credit card number, or phone number of your friends. This will help you a lot.

Improve your brain power : your diet is important

Your brain needs a lot of thing to work perfectly well. Then, you have to eat healthy. Favour products that contain a lot of nutriments. Fruits, vegetables, for example. This is really, really important for your brain. You can also drink green tea. It will help you to focus. During a good night sleep, your brain is able to integrate everything that you’ve learned during the day. Then, you really have to sleep long enough. DO not hesitate to take a nap during the day. It will help you to focus and to be more alert. Improve your brain power : do some mental arithmetic Mental arithmetic is really good for your brain power. In this way, you have to ban the calculator, and do all the maths yourself !