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When to install minecraft forge client vs server installer ?

Forge is a tool that helps in the creation of new mods or modifications of the base game for Minecraft. To install it, just download the application from the official website. After that, you will see Forge in the list of offered versions.

Introducing Minecraft Forge

Program intended to add functionalities to Minecraft, Forge helps to make mods. Simply put, a mod is a mini-program created by a developer to make changes to the base game. These are the changes that do not prevent the community from remaining tied to the core of the Minecraft game. There are several versions of Minecraft that do not always match those of Forge. This is why mods updates are sometimes slow.

Installing Minecraft Forge

To have Minecraft on your computer, just go to minecreaft.net to download the installation file. After that, you must first go to the official website to download the game application. Then, in the menu on your left, choose the version of the game you want to use with your mods.

Finally, download the latest version of Forge available for the chosen Minecraft version. Regardless of the operating system, the download should work normally. In case of problems on macOS or Linux, you can try the “universal” version. As soon as the file is downloaded, Minecraft Forge can be installed.

You start the installation by double-clicking on the downloaded file or simply open it from your browser. When the installation wizard starts, select “Install client” that is to say install the client. For installation, choose the default path. Press and hold “OK” to start the installation. The process will take a few seconds and you will receive a message in return notifying you that the installation was successful. You can now use your app.

Using Minecraft Forge

To complete the installation, you need to use the profile system to get Minecraft to use Forge to get started. Then choose the arrow to the right of the “Play” button. You will have access to a drop-down list where you will see Forge. Go for Forge and hit ‘Play’. You will find that the main screen will change slightly as soon as the game starts. From then on, Minecraft Forge will be operational on your Minecraft. You will be able to download mods from the internet (blogs, forums or developers’ site) in order to use it as you wish. For more amenities, go to the CurseForge site.

You must first use the search engine or determine a category in the left menu to get the mod you want. Click on download, and you will receive a Java file that you will need to confirm even if your browser does not recommend it, because browsers are unable to analyze some files. To install a mod, go to your download folder and copy the previously downloaded Java file to the Minecraft mods folder. The path varies depending on your installation system. Once the file is copied, you must restart your Minecraft launcher with the version of Forge relative to the mod. The “Mods” button will now be in the main menu. This is how Forge provides a variation on the basic Minecraft game.