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How much to install a cartridge filter system for swimming pool ?

The cartridge filter system is very easy to install. Compared to other filtration systems, it consumes less water. It is also the most recommended system for small swimming pools. This is the reason why it is important to put it in place. So how much does a cartridge filter system for swimming pools cost?

The price of the cartridge filter system for swimming pool

Among all swimming pool filter systems, the cartridge filter system is the cheapest. However, when putting it in place, the filter cartridges must be changed on a regular basis. This, therefore, requires investing a few costs. The price for installing a cartridge filter system is 100 euros. This price is for the cheapest models. For the more expensive models, it takes around 500 euros. As for filter cartridges, their price varies between 4 and 200 euros.

The use of a cartridge filter system for swimming pools

The cartridge filtration system is not suitable for all types of swimming pools. It is most often used in small swimming pools. This is due to its fairly low water flow. However, there are also cartridge filter systems reserved for large swimming pools.

To increase the life of your cartridge filter system or improve the quality of filtration, it is advisable to install skimmers in your pool. The use of these removes large impurities and filters the water before it is sent to the filtration pump. Therefore, it is only small impurities that will arrive at the cartridge filter. Suddenly, this increases its lifespan.

Maintaining a cartridge filter system

The cartridge filter is a device that gets dirty quickly. Thus, to increase the life of the system, you must clean it on a regular basis: at least twice a week. To do this, you must equip yourself with a soft brush and a garden hose.

Before starting the cleaning, you must turn off all the pumps as well as the valves. Then remove the filter cover and take out the filter cartridge. After that, with the garden hose, clean the cartridge carefully between each bend. Then empty the cylinder which contains it and clean it. Once the cartridge is clean, secure it in its place. Then put the cover you removed originally. Finally, open the valves and turn the pump back on.

By following these steps, you will clean your cartridge filter system easily. Suddenly, it will last a long time.

The advantages of a swimming pool cartridge filter system

There are several advantages to setting up a cartridge filter system. First, compared to other filtration systems, it is less bulky and less expensive. So you can easily get it. Also, its installation is inexpensive.

It is also simple: the installation of a connection to the sewer is not necessary. Plus, cleaning the cartridge filter is easy. A hose and a brush are enough to do the trick. The cartridge filter system also produces quality filtration.