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Which tool to create a chatbot with python ?

To guarantee permanent assistance to their customers, more and more companies are using a chatbot tool. This is a technology that is used to set up automated chats managed by artificial intelligence. The creation of chatbots is done through programming languages. Among the most used for this purpose, there is python. If you are using this programming language, here is the best tool that you can use to set up your bot.

Chatterbot, an essential tool on python

The tool indicated to create a chatbot with Python is Chatterbot. This chatbot tool is nothing but a python library that has been specifically set up to create automated bots. To do this, Chatterbot is based on a set of automatic algorithms that serve to provide users with answers adapted to their various requests.

Chatterbot is appreciated for its various benefits. Among these, there are :

  • The ease of use,
  • Constant improvement, and
  • The possibility of personalization.

Thanks to this tool, it is very easy to set up a chatbot. It starts with the creation of an inexperienced Chatterbot that does not know how to communicate beforehand. The library will then be enriched with the requests that users enter. These will be progressively recorded, as well as the answers that will be sent in return.

As the chatterbot gains experience, the quality of the answers it provides to users will be optimal. These answers will become more and more precise. This chatbot tool for Python works on the basis of similarity and proximity. In other words, the algorithm works by looking for the closest similar answer by finding the most immediate similar request among those made by users. Once the best answer is found, the chatterbot selects the ideal answer.

This approach gives developers the ability to create customized structures with their own data. Still, it’s worth knowing what you need to do to create a chatbot on Python using chatterbot.

How to create a chatbot with Chatterbot on python?

To create a chatbot on python with Chatterbot, you must first install the Chatterbot library. Then, you have to install chatterbot-corpus. The latter is a collection of words. Chatterbot-corpus contains data that is contained in the chatterbot module.

Each chatterbot-corpus refers to a pattern of different input statements and corresponding responses. It is this data that the bots use to train themselves, to give adequate and accurate answers to users.

To install the Chatterbot and chatterbot-corpus, it is recommended to use pip. This is the only way to create your chatbot on python. From then on, you can focus on your core business by letting the bots answer your different users and customers.


Finally, note that apart from Chatterbot, there are other tools that you can use to create a chatbot on python. This is for example the case of Keras which is a Deep Learning library. Keras is also a toolbox for natural language processing.