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How to put personalized letters on gift baf ?

Are you invited to a wedding, a birthday or do you just want to give a gift to a loved one? For this, you need a gift bag to put the things you are going to give. However, you must mark your originality by writing a personalized letter on the bag. If you are not inspired to do it on your own, read this guide and you will know how to put a personalized letter on a gift bag.

Used masking tape

You have a kraft paper gift bag. But, put a personalized letter that could be the initial of the recipient of the gift. For this, you can stick masking tape on the kraft paper.

Just cut several pieces of masking tape and use them to form the letter you need. You can use masking tapes of several colors to have something colorful.

Once the DIY gift bag is complete, you can put your child’s Christmas present, or a friend’s birthday present in it. It is a gift bag with a personalized letter that is easy to make yourself.

Personalize the letter with Tipp-ex and marker

To write a personalized letter on a gift bag, use a marker and a Tipp-ex pen. Thus, by hand, you will personalize the letter written on the gift bag. You can use markers of different colors for better customization.

In the end, you will get a personalized and customized gift wrapping bag. The perfect packaging for giving gifts at a birthday party or wedding. But, this type of gift bag can also be useful for wrapping your son’s Christmas present for example.

Make the inscription with a calligraphy marker

If you have a talent for calligraphy, why not inscribe the letter with a calligrapher’s marker. Thus, you will have a personalized letter, handwritten and very stylish. This type of gift bag will certainly touch the recipient and showcase your talent.

Plus, making this registration doesn’t require that much effort. You just need to have kraft paper, be good at calligraphy, and you’re good to go. Such a gift bag will be the most suitable for wrapping presents to give at a wedding, for example.

Use a cutting machine

A cutting machine is what you need to write a letter on a kraft paper gift bag, for example. These machines make it possible, in a way, to print letters and patterns on several types of media.

The Cricut Explore Air 2 is perfect for this task. With this machine, you can write a personalized letter on a gift bag without worries. Indeed, software allows you to customize the letter you wish to register.

After this step, you can use Cricut to write the letter. With this machine, you can personalize the inscription using styluses provided for this purpose. Personalization can be done in advance on your computer.

Such machines offer the advantage of making an inscription on a gift bag more accurately. Indeed, an inscription with the Cricut is logically more precise than an inscription made by hand.