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Which dating site is completely free ?

Online dating sites are excellent alternatives for finding the perfect match. Very sought after in recent years by Internet users who are becoming more and more fond, there are free and paid ones. Here is a list of free dating sites.


Oulfa is a world-famous platform because almost a million people are registered. This is a different site from others in that you can chat on it for a long time without worrying about whether you will be taken. With the application, stay in constant contact with your partner. You can instantly reply to the message on a tablet or smartphone.

Share your photos and videos securely, because confidentiality is respected at all points. This very active site offers tips and advice to effectively manage your meetings.

To register, you must complete a personality test that will judge your eligibility. On the home page, you will see the member login and registration options, one related to users and the other for new ones. Fill in the fields starting from connection details rather than research preferences, the rest will certainly end with great encounters.


Freemeet is a dating site for all people who want to find love. The particularity of the latter is that your potential partner could be at your doorstep. That is, the people proposed to you are people only from your region.

No subscription or any fees to pay. On the freemeet.net page, you will see the security conditions there, this helps to create a fairly pleasant virtual environment. It is available as an app for all smartphones.

To take advantage of it, all you have to do is register on the platform, providing your gender, date of birth, your addresses (email and residential). A password is also required for data protection and privacy.


Ilovia is a dating site for people of a certain age. This site offers personalized services to make compatibility between people easier. You can communicate by message or use the video call option to facilitate the conversation.

He is very careful about efficient data backup and works in the right direction to build trust among members. Registration is quick and easy, already before browsing the page you can already choose to register. You just fill in your gender and the kind of people you’re interested in.


On this platform, just search for love, and that, without conditions.

The options it offers are available to everyone. That is, unlike other dating sites which, although free, reserve the right to charge for certain services, everything is completely free here. Registration is simple, all you need to do is enter a valid email address and password.


Celilove is a completely free site, for men and women. The platform does not have superfluous options and simply works to facilitate meetings between its members. A dating site acts as an intermediary for transmitting love between two people and Celilove does not want you to miss any opportunity. Registration is quick and easy from the platform page.