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How to find a active affiliate marketing forum ?

The whole point of joining an affiliate marketing forum is the fact that they are active and discuss real-time developments in the online marketing industry. When a forum is slow to react to new developments, it loses relevance since your competitors would be steps ahead before you realize it. You can tell an active forum by how well it discusses the latest developments

The need for an active affiliate marketing forum

An affiliate marketing forum exists for one major reason, which is to bring quality posts with relevant materials to its members. It should be a place where valuable information can be gained, and although information is almost always available, in the world of affiliate marketing, not jumping early enough on trends could see you miss out entirely. Therefore, the information has to be timely in order to have a directed positive impact on the effectiveness of its member’s businesses. Basically, it should help them make the right decision, and real quick.

This is why an active marketing forum is very important, as it is always updated and refreshed with quality content for its members. It also has a high number of active members that actually engages and throw out questions on the platform. A forum with 10 million members with only 2000 being active is less valuable to you than one with 20,000 followers who are all very active. The whole point is being able to get members to discuss, share, and ask questions aside from the regular quality info shared by the platform administrators.

Qualities that points to an active affiliate marketing forum

Determining how active an affiliate marketing forum is, is no straight forward task. Instead, there are a number of things to consider when making the decision, however, these features individually, cannot really stand as a certain pointer. In a nutshell, taking all of them into consideration is the best way to go:

Number of members

The higher the number of members, the more chances of having higher active members on the platform. Assuming a site has a total of 2 million members, it stands to reason that they would have a higher number of active members than forums with just 10,000.

However, this is not always so, as there are some forums that started out with impressive ads campaigns but lack content. Therefore, they seem to have a lot of members, but only very few are active as most individuals lose interest after joining, seeing that there’s no content or relevant information.

Amount of forum discussion engagement

People join affiliate market forums for different reasons, including those looking to only sell their business. One way you can tell how active the platform is by checking through the number of engagements and comments per feed, relative to the total number of members on the forum. Low engagements and comments point to the fact that members are probably not interested in the topics, or the forum isn’t beneficial enough. For whatever reason it is exactly, the group is not very active.

Frequency of fresh content posts

What happens when members don’t post for a while or no one asks a question, does the forum stay idle? Well, it shouldn’t. An active platform usually has admins that release relevant materials frequently to the members to learn from, aside from their chats.