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Why is image optimization important seo ?

Content is the central element on which SEO techniques are carried out. When we talk about content, we also refer to visuals (images and videos) which now occupy an important place in SEO. For what reasons should we optimize the SEO images of a website?

Focus on SEO acquisition leverage

Images are one of the most important things in gaining traffic. Since 2001, the search engine Google has put online a massive photo indexing tool, Google images, which redirects Internet users to the original website.

From its launch, it was possible to obtain several pieces of information about a given photo (size, weight, description, image, etc.). Which already gave some idea to the references on the impact that images can have on traffic acquisition. Indeed, when an Internet user clicked on an image, it was directly redirected to the original page.

Currently, the redirect is not instantaneous. The user can view an image without having to be switched to the original platform. However, several call-to-action options are added to these photos: view the page, share the image, and view the image. Similarly, images similar to the one selected are offered at the bottom of the interface.

As these are photos from e-commerce stores, the user can see details such as price and availability. This naturally attracts users who may be interested in your products to your site. Thus, SEO image optimization is useful for generating traffic, but also for boosting your sales.

Improve the ranking of your pages on Google

The most effective way to illustrate descriptive text is to highlight an image in the content. In this way, the messages you want to convey are more easily assimilated by your targets. Thus, it is often considered that their impact on SEO is indirect.

However, they can dramatically boost your stats, especially your bounce and conversion rates. These are two key criteria for improving your ranking on search engines like Google.

Above all, Internet users are looking for a result that answers their request. The more the featured image seems suited to their needs, the more attractive they will find the page. This, combined with a fluid-structure and a relevant response, gives more credibility to the content. Content that attracts and retains your Internet users on a site will always be favored by search engines.

The importance of optimizing image is all the greater with the impact of social media on a company’s brand awareness. With images, you can quickly boost your business page visibility by using the right keywords. In addition, your targets will be more inclined to share content highlighting a captivating visual on their networks.

Therefore, remember that even if the ranking algorithms are not technically based on the image for SEO, it has a decisive role in your visibility. You just need to know the right tips (alt text, keywords, the right choice of format and file name, etc.) to improve your SEO thanks to visuals.