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How to participate in a dermal filler training video ?

A dermal filler is a substance injected into the skin of the face, used for facial aesthetic treatments. A good way to train on dermal filler injections is to participate in a training video.

Why participate in a dermal filler training video?

A training video is made for you if you want to learn from home, at the pace you choose, and whenever suits you. You can pause the video, take notes, and get back to it later. If that is the format that suits you best, you want to choose a dermal filler training that uses training videos in their program.

How to choose a provider for a dermal filler training video?

A training on dermal filler injection can be offered by different training providers. They usually come from the aesthetic industry and have a background in medicine, but not always. They can be specialized schools or experienced cosmetic doctors.

Checking the credentials of the teachers, as well as how long they have been giving the training, will help you evaluate the quality of the training.

What are the requirements for a dermal filler training video?

This kind of training can be targeted to a wide variety of people. Always check with your chosen program exactly what they require before undertaking a particular course or qualification, because some trainings are only open to qualified medical professionals.

Training programs can be followed by individuals with no experience whatsoever in beauty or medicine, by medical professionals who wish to move into the aesthetics industry, or by experienced aesthetic practitioners looking to learn a new technique or procedure.

Usually, dermal fillers are done by healthcare professionals such as doctors, clinics dentists, nurses or pharmacists. They can be done in a medi-spa, a clinic or in a trained professional cabinet.

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How long is a dermal filler training video?

Each individual video can vary from 10 minutes to 1 hour. Free content on Youtube will last between 10 and 30 minutes. On-purchased online training course can be made of several videos and online content, lasting from a 8-hours day to several days.

How much is a dermal filler training video?

Some content is free on the provider websites or on Youtube. However, if you want complete training with a certification, you will have to purchase it.

Prices will vary between $500 and $700 (USD) or from £300 to £1,000 plus taxes. The price will vary on the duration and the technical level of the content.

What is the content of a dermal filler training video?

You can learn the basics of the dermal filler techniques in videos. They will teach you what to inject, how to inject, and who to inject. The online content is designed to give you everything you need to understand in the theoretical side of basic dermal filler procedures. Trainings also usually cover botulinum toxin injection (also known as Botox), because those two techniques are very similar.

However, keep in mind this is a technique performed with your hands, so in order to complete a training and get certifications, dermal filler training videos will need to be completed with practice training sessions. Some providers will offer hands on training with live models.

Why medical training is useful

There is something about the fundamental properties of our universe that gives it an interesting characteristic; all systems seem to get more and more complex over time. Scientific think that the systems that survive the best seem to be the one which process data the most efficiently. And we see this happening around us, with the technologies or our society in general. Our world is busier and busier, the information shared keeps increasing, and the medical field follow that trend as well.

That is why, to remain up to date in medicine and health, you have to be constantly learning new medical knowledge. The aesthetic industry is a field of medicine that seems to adapt very well to the evolution of knowledge. Indeed, there are plenty of online content that help aesthetic practitioners and professionals to get on-demand videos, live-streamed webinars, in subjects such as dermal filler training , that fit very well the online training format.

Medicine is an applied science in constant evolution, because everyday patient care requires information from professionals’ experiences or research study, that are themselves constantly evolving.

However, updating your medical knowledge is not the only reason you want to keep doing medical training. There are nuances where you can actually be looking to develop expertise in one specific field, or you just want to pass on your knowledge as a medical teacher. Whether you are in one situation or the other, it’s always good to spend a bit of time exploring the internet to find a website that talks about your project.

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The internet will give you inspiration, knowledge, and plenty of advice about things you didn’t even think of, such as what to wear as a teacher ! Brainstorming is the first step of any project, and the internet will help you with this.

When you want to get medical training, one important point to pay attention to, is the credibility of your sources or content, because you have people health between your hands. It is important to know the difference between science-based medicine, and pseudo-science. We can see the increasing development of alternative medicines, and trainings that follow along with them. While many pseudo-sciences can definitely be beneficial, it is always a good idea to check the credentials of training providers, as well as what the literature says about a subject.