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Where to look for a lost indoor cat ?

Where to look for a lost indoor cat can be a daunting task, mostly when the cat has been missing for a while. No cat owner loves to go through such grueling ordeal to find a lost indoor cat. However, the thought of losing the cat forever should be a motivating factor towards searching every nook and cranny to finding the cat.

Missing Cat : Putting Ads in Newspapers

best ways to find a lost indoor cat

A stitch in time saves nine, you have no choice than to start your search right away to save your cat’s life. Do not hesitate to start your search the very moment you realize your cat is missing. Starting right away means you get to cover more grounds and locate your cat nearby because the cat wouldn’t have gone far. Cats are mostly territorial in nature, they rather stay within their specified territory instead of engaging in a scuffle with other cats over claiming territories. There are key places where you can check in your neighborhood like:

  • in the trees;
  • in the neighbors’ garage;
  • in the neighbors’ cattery.

Furthermore, another major reason why one should start right away is that it is better to find a cat before the cat find a mate. The cat can elope with the mate and start a new life, meaning you’ve finally lost your indoor cat.

Missing cat : Post Ads on Newspapers

best ways to find a lost indoor cat

Posting various adverts in local Newspapers can be one of the most effective and efficient ways to find a lost indoor cat. The newspaper adverts have a much wider reach within the local community and beyond. This makes it much easier for people outside your neighborhood to get the much-needed information about the missing cat. They can reach out to you as soon as they have or get any information as regards seeing the lost cat or even deliver it to you.

Call a Neighborhood Search Party

Starting from the neighborhood can never be underestimated towards the retrieval of the lost indoor cat. One of the best methods to finding your lost indoor cat is by bringing together your neighbors, seeking their help and kick-starting a search party within the neighborhood.

The reason this method is very important is that most indoor cats seldom go beyond five house radius. Hence, a neighborhood search party will cover much space because of the people involved, and since they know the cat, can easily identify it.

Contact Local Vets and Animal Shelters

Local veterinarians are most times the point of contact where people drop stray cats or animals. They believe since they treat animals, it is much better to drop them with the vet than to leave them outside under the harsh weather and starvation. Also, since animal shelters provide a safe for lost and abused animals, people often drop animals, mostly cats at the shelter homes.

It is advisable to visit these areas to look for the indoor cat. Furthermore, going with a picture of your cat is brilliant and smart ideas as it makes it easier to locate your cat because most times, these areas are overcrowded, and it takes a lot of time and work to identify your cat.

What are the best reflexes to adopt in order to find your lost cat quickly?

The cat is a faithful, affectionate and sweet companion, but he can also easily get lost. That’s why it’s important to take particulaly care of them. However, in some exceptional circumstances, it is possible that your cat gets lost. If your cat cannot be found inside your home, outside or in your neighborhood, it’ s a good idea to start the some process of finding your lost cat rapidly. If you have no idea what to do in such situations, just consider the following information:

Start your search inside your house

You’ve probably already searched through your house. However, it is recommended to check a second time, or even several times for days. If the cat has hidden, you have a good chance of finding it. If you can’t find it anywhere inside, consider finding it outside, near your home. Don’t hesitate to ask your neighbors if they have seen your pet lurking around.

Who should you alert first?

If your cat is lost, consider alerting the following entities to quickly advance your search:

  • The veterinarian,
  • The Pounds in the vicinity;
  • The police;
  • The Animal shelters.

In addition to these alerting entities, physical media such as posters will give you a track record of your pet. You can print physical versions and post them in every corner of your community. Don’t forget the essential contents of your poster, i.e., a large photo of your pet and your phone number or other essential informations for finding your cat as soon as possible, etc. Besides sticking a poster, you can also publish your lost cat ad directly on this website. Likewise its format remains the same as the poster.

Tracking the cat with a GPS

The cats that have been identified are typically a collared with a microchip with an GPS tracker. According to owner reports, some felines that have been lost for a month are subsequently traced using a GPS tracker.

How to attract your lost cat?

If you don’t have a tracking device, there are some over ways that expert hunters use to lure your feline or get him out of his hiding place. For example, you can place your food on the door or outside the house. Some experts say that placing your cat’s litter box outside your home will attract him to return home quickly.