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How to get a job in USA ?

Have you had the urge to live the American dream for a long time, but having trouble getting started? Fear of the unknown and the difficulty of finding work once in Uncle Sam’s country paralyzes you? Here is, in a few steps, how to overcome this break that prevents you from leaving.

The prerequisites for finding a job in the USA

It is not possible for foreigners to find employment legally in the United States without a worker visa. So before you start to conquer a job in the US, first settle this visa point. Otherwise, you risk being exploited unnecessarily by malicious people.

To obtain the work visa, you need an employer already living in the United States who agrees to sponsor you. And this is the Gordian knot of history. Your profile must be adapted to the needs of the local market in order to find one quickly. Otherwise, you will have to fall back on the applications already made by visiting the job boards. Once the agreement has been reached with the employer, a lawyer specializing in immigration will take care of the structure that hires you, on request, and prepare your case and submit it to the American authorities. All you have to do is pay the expenses related to its fees and application fees, make an appointment with the US embassy in your country to have your visa within 1 or 2 months maximum.

Design your Curriculum Vitae

The resume is the best bait to attract the right employer. Given its importance in finding employment, it is necessary to adapt it to the American format. You must then confirm your curriculum in the form and content required in the USA.

Unlike the French CV which must mention your age, your marital status, and certain details, the American CV just requires the bare minimum. Your last name, first name, city, phone number, and email address are the most important things to mention on your profile.

Next, your experiences should be stated starting with an action verb. These are small details for French nationals. But the American employer is keen on it.

Another element that can be used in your recruitment is your LinkedIn profile. You have to enhance your presence on the largest professional network in the world. Register your profile in English. Many recruiters scrutinize your activities on social networks. Pay attention if you want to get a job in the USA.

Sites that publish job offers

The American recruiter will not come and pick you up in your country. You must be logged in to open job posting sites to apply. You should therefore be on the lookout for the most prominent sites such as:

  • indeed.com
  • adeccousa.com
  • kellyservices.us
  • roberthalf.com
  • michaelpage.com.

These sites will allow you to be informed of employment opportunities in American companies.

The platforms Monster, Craigslist is also recommended for foreigners seeking employment. If you take the time to find one, you can hire a labor broker. There are companies specializing in hiring foreigners in the United States. They will offer you vacancies in the structures that recruit and help you obtain an interview.

Knowing how to speak English is an asset. Of course, you can work in the USA without knowing how to speak English. But English is useful for quick integration