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What does the quran say about love ?

Love makes it possible to face everyday life, especially through human relationships. Love is a real source of balance for everyone, whether oriented towards a person or things. Today, wonderful stories have been built in this world through love. In the Qur’an, Book of Allah (His Majesty and Glory) love is mentioned. This is what the Quran says about love.

The love of Allah

In the Qur’an, Allah informs us that He Himself is “Full of Love” through the term “Al Wadoud”. This is an Attribute of the Lord explained thus by scholars. The Qur’an says that the love felt by Allah (His Majesty and Glory) is pure love without the slightest expectation, the exact opposite of that felt by humans. Allah loves the pious (S.3 V. 76), benevolent people (S. 3, V. 148), equitable people (S.5 V.42), those who repent and purify themselves (S.2 V.222), those who trust Him (S.3 V.159), those who are enduring (S.3 V.146), etc.

Allah is the One who expects nothing from anyone, but on the contrary, the One on whom all creatures depend and expect everything. The Qur’an thus evokes the love of God by saying that “Wad” is offered to all creatures sometimes without even having done something to deserve it. Although human beings can attain all the good qualities that God expects from them, they are offered this Blessing simply out of Love.

Love of believers

In the Qur’an, Allah invites believers to know Him, to love Him, and to follow Him on the Straight Path leading to His meeting on the Day of Judgment. So how can we not feel love for the One who sent us such an invitation, and who promises us the reward of Rest in His Eternal Paradise? The Qur’an mentions this loving invitation in Sura 5 in Verse 54.

Then the believers experience an ardent love towards the Lord (Purity to Him) who evokes it in the Koran in opposition to those and those who give Him equals or associates. The Qur’an also speaks of the love of the prophets like Zacchariya and his wife, and their son Yahya. This feeling is seen there as a balance between love and fear. It was among their many qualities that the Lord exemplifies in the Quran and mentioned in Sura 21 Verse 90.

The natural love of men

In Sura 3 Verse 14, the Qur’an says that Allah has put love and desire for certain things in the hearts of men. It is in the same way that he encourages us not to consider this love by privileging goods by placing them even beyond our love for him.

Indeed, any excessive attraction to the things of life in this earthly life can cause the believer to stray from Allah and His Recommendations. Man’s love for his lord could be threatened if he does not fight his soul (nafs). According to the Quran, our fervent love for the Dounia and what it contains can then hinder our efforts to draw closer to God.