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How much are private shuttle driver ?

For your outings, whether as a group with the family, you necessarily need a driver if you do not have a means of transport. Private shuttle drivers are the ones you need in these conditions. Here is a guide as to their cost.

The price of a private shuttle driver per hour

It is very convenient to hire the services of a shuttle driver to complete your shopping. Especially when you are traveling to destinations a little too far from home. One of the advantages of this type of transportation is the driving experience these drivers enjoy. You will have no difficulty in the route to take or in finding the vehicle.

Usually, the price of these drivers is determined by the hour. There is a fixed price that most providers adhere to. To travel with a private shuttle driver, you will be charged between 40 euros and 70 euros per hour. This rate may vary depending on certain factors.

The factors that cause the price to vary

As pointed out above, the price is not standard. It is worth seeing what can make it vary.

The type of vehicle

When you go to a company site to book a private shuttle driver, one of the first pieces of information you are asked for is the type of vehicle that suits your needs. Indeed, there are several types of vehicles that are available for this type of service. There may be times when you need the shuttle driver for a group or family outing. That said, the price you will be charged will not be the same as if you were on your own.

In addition, the type of vehicle you choose also determines the comfort and safety for which you choose. The rate applied when you book a vehicle equipped with a screen and sleeping arrangements will be significantly higher than the rate applied to you when you take a single-vehicle.

The distance to travel

Like the type of vehicle, the distance to be traveled influences the cost of transport. The driver, before preparing the invoice, includes part of the maintenance costs of the vehicle. For example, if you hire the driver to go to Nice from Paris, the distance traveled will not simply be the number of kilometers between these two cities.

This distance will include all the stops you have marked on your journey. It is recommended to seek the services of the driver for the outward and return journey. Indeed, when you opt only to go, it adds to your bill, the carburetor of the return if it did not have a passenger.

The rental period

Obviously, this parameter greatly influences the price of a private shuttle driver. Indeed, in the period from March to October, demand is strong, and it affects the price. It’s the holiday season. Everyone wants to be able to reach their vacation spot without traffic difficulties. However, do not rely on this increase to submit to the vagaries of traffic. The other factor that drivers rely on when setting their prices is their reputation.