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When is the best time to buy a house in Arizona ?

Arizona, better known as the Grand Canyon State is a state in the southwestern United States. It is a region very popular with tourists because of its favorable climate throughout the year. In addition to that, it has a magnificent landscape thanks to these natural sites. If you want to buy a home there, this article will tell you the perfect time to do so.

In the winter

It should be noted that in Arizona the climatic conditions are not the same as in those of other countries. In this state, the coldest months are: January and December. If you want a cheap home, that is the time. Indeed, during this period few sales are made because of a drop in demand.

This decrease is due to the discomfort caused by the climate. In winters, Arizona is emptied of its inhabitants. In addition, many people refrain from braving the cold to buy a house. During the winter, many homes will not be occupied in Arizona. In such circumstances, owners lower their prices in order to promote their sales quickly. This is a good season for negotiation, so we must take advantage of it.

In the month of December

In Arizona, the end of fall coincides with the beginning of December. The price of houses drops again during this period, and so does the number of houses for sale. This is because the real estate market is taking a hiatus due to the December holiday season.

In addition, another reason is added to the previous one. The month of December is recognized as being a month to spend with the family, especially with New Year’s Eve, Christmas and New Years. So during this period most of the families are very busy with the family festivities. Thus, the demand becomes low, causing buyers to get houses at low prices.

If you want to buy a house on the cheap, this is the perfect time for a good negotiation.

During August

Whether in Arizona or around the world, August is recognized as one of the best months to buy a home. Indeed, during this month, we notice a significant drop in prices. The reason is simple. Sales are slowing down after strong demand in previous months. So sellers are forced to make a rebate so that they sell like hot cakes. Real estate agents end up negotiating for a price favorable to the buyer. You could take advantage of this period to get a good deal.

However, we notice that a bad label is used to being stuck to these houses sold during this period. Some people tend to judge that they are of lower quality when they are not. It should be taken into account that the purchase of a house is made by choice. Thus, the buyer can refuse the purchase just because the configuration does not suit him.