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What does an agile transformation process ?

Every business must reinvent itself to adapt to changes in its industry. But for a business to perform better, it must create a dynamic and efficient internal environment. Unfortunately, many companies are held back by management’s inaction. They can’t shake off old, counterproductive ways. That’s why agile transformation is needed! Discover the agile business transformation process here.

What does the agile transformation of business consist of?

The agile transformation consists of carrying out a global diagnosis of the company and gradually making a series of changes. These changes aim to bring agility into the company sustainably. The agile transformation aims to rethink and improve business processes and procedures. A successful transformation results in the acceptance and ownership of the new rules by the employees.

A company that wishes to continue is required to review its management methods. It must ensure that its functioning is capable of enabling the organization to achieve its objectives. It must resolve to abandon procedures that undermine its competitiveness. Adopting agility in business requires a true transformation of the organization. It starts with looking at the business as a whole and then making a series of incremental changes over time that aim to introduce agility.

Agile transformation brings a new dynamic to the company to unite and mobilize all staff towards a common goal. Every business must understand that resistance to change is detrimental to the survival of the business. In a world undergoing technological and cultural change, an agile transformation is a strategic tool for business development.

Steps for a successful agile transformation

The agile transformation of the company is a challenge. It is very often held back by management and resistance to change. Transformation is possible, but it is not spontaneous. It obeys a process.

Establish the urgency of transformation

The first step in initiating the momentum for transformation is to instill a sense of urgency within the company. The structure must find itself a new challenge that pushes it to change course. This challenge may be the evolution of its market, the appearance of a new competitor, or even economic difficulties.

Building a team for agile transformation

Then you have to assemble a team of people from both different strategic directions and employees. This coalition must share the same sense of urgency. She must understand that the fruits of transformation benefit everyone.

Define a new vision and communicate it

It is important that everyone can clearly understand the vision of the company. People engage when they know where they are going. A communication plan must then be implemented to get the new message across. To be convincing, you have to communicate constantly and effectively.

Encourage action and obtain encouraging results

The new methods need to bear fruit quickly enough to generate general enthusiasm. These aren’t big results, but small satisfactory ones that will convince skeptical employees to follow the new path.

Use new practices

We must transform the new vision and practices into a corporate culture that will take hold. The company will have succeeded in its transformation by changing its management and practices.